The Discus language is an experimental dialect of Haskell which investigates static typing and program transformation in the presence of computational effects. Version 0.5.1 is “working alpha” quality, meaning there is a complete system that can be hacked around with, but it’s not yet industrial strength.

The main language features are:


For example programs, see the demo directory on github, which includes:


More Information

Home Page:http://discus-lang.org
Dev Blog:http://blog.discus-lang.org
Bug Tracker:http://trac.discus-lang.org
GitHub Page:https://github.com/discus-lang
Dev Buildbot:https://travis-ci.org/discus-lang
Mailing List:http://groups.google.com/group/disciple-cafe
IRC Channel:Channel #disciplined on http://freenode.net